Useful Walk-in Shower Design Ideas For Smaller Bathrooms

Most of the homeowners are dissatisfied with their bathroom size. A relatively small bathroom may feel a bit claustrophobic and difficult to relax in.

But worry not! Because there are variety of ways to increase the utilizable space of the bathroom. one way to really transform your bathroom is to use walk in showers which can be fitted in smaller spaces easily.

That Bulky Bathtub!!

It is surprising how many homeowners never use the bathtubs in their bathrooms. Now, a bathtub is not necessarily the only way to relax in a long and warm bath after the day’s work. This same objective can easily be achieved through usage of walk-in showers.

As all of us are aware bathtubs do take a large space in the bathroom A smaller bathroom might not have the luxury to spare so much space. In those cases a nice looking walk in shower can be an excellent choice instead of the bathtub. This will optimize the space utilization.

Corners Are Important

For much smaller bathroom with really small space, the walk-in shower can be installed in the corner. In that way, after having sufficient space for the shower, there will be enough to move freely as well.

The idea of adding a bench to the shower goes well with corner showers. Now you have an awesome shower with seating arrangement in your relatively small space!!

Surround The Shower With Walls

It is not necessary to keep empty space at the inlet of the shower. Adding a solid and small wall nearby the door of the walk-in shower will ensure that you have some extra space to place something nice against it. This will really be an efficient use of the limited space.

Walls To The Ceiling

If your walk-in shower has a glass wall, you can opt for raising the same up to the ceiling, which will create a feeling of larger space in the bathroom. Also another advantage is that it allows natural light to play inside your bathroom thus creating an illusion of much larger space.

Also this will give an elegant look and feel to your shower. This can be s spa like appearance that you often see in expensive hotels. This ides is definitely something to try if you are open to some modern and new ideas.

Match The Overall Looks

You need to blend in the design of your shower with your bathroom. So do not make your walk-in shower a centerpiece if the bathroom is cramped. Instead try to install it in such a way that it blends in with the rest of the bathroom in a seamless way.

make sure you match the tile patterns of the walk-in shower and the bathroom walls This way it blends right in. people wont even realize it is there right at the beginning. So the bathroom itself will appear to have much larger space in them.

There is no end to being creative. Try new and different things to utilize the space in the best of way. Walk-in showers definitely are one of the best idea to adorn a small bathroom. You can definitely give these ideas a try. These may well transform your bathroom for good.

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