4 Points To Ponder About Before Installation Of Walk In Shower

The installation of walking shower can purely change the look and feel of your bathroom. It can be looked upon as a modern and clean version of the new age showers, but it might not be fit for everyone. Before breaking the tiles, make sure that this kind of installation is really for you.

Possibility of a chill feeling

The open shower design does not allow the steam to be accumulated as easily and quickly as it would in an enclosed type, which may be useful if you do not care much about sauna. But the open design may feel a bit cold for you. If you think there can be a problem with temperature, but you really like this idea, consider installing a heat lamp on the shower so that the place is comfortable even when it does not have enclosure.

It is also possible to add a system of radiant heating underneath the floor of the walk in shower during the installation, if you change the tiles while rebuilding the bathroom. This is going to provide heating vertically upwards, and make the winter very comfortable even in bare feet.

Drainage and Ventilation are important factors to consider

Specifically, if you, yourself is installing a new shower the issues of drainage, ventilation and splash must be in your list for consideration. Measure the shower angle and the partial wall to try to minimize splashing effects, calculate the angular tilt for the floor which is required to properly support for drainage (or perhaps consider creating dual water drainage paths). It does not usually require any special ventilation device for walk in showers, you can optionally install a fan with in-built sensor for humidity levels catering to individual requirements.

Even if this is supposed to be a professional project or DIY project, the final overall care and operation of the bathroom must be ensured before initiation of the plan. Although it is super easy to clean this type of walk in shower, but it needs to kept in mind that walk in showers can change the feel of the bathroom considerably.

Feeling awkward for privacy loss

Majority people will go for the greatest privacy in the bathroom, irrespective of what they do. With the openness of the walk in showers, you cannot really feel that you have a lot of privacy, especially if many people are wondering about, in your home. But it’s easy to fix the situation, as well as the style and color scheme of the shower through use of well matching curtain. The curtain is a flexible thing, as it can be quickly and easily removed, it’s easy to replace with a new one in case someone need to change the appearance of the bathroom.

Of course, the walk in shower which you will install is provided with a durable door, so keep in mind the privacy factor before developing a completely open design.

Materials must be waterproof in nature

In spite of the water vapor level in the bathroom, many of them do not contain waterproof material, which can cause wear and abrasion with repeated and long use. Moisture droplets percolates down everything in the bathroom, even under the flooring. This situation can get aggravated if the bathroom is having open walk in shower installed. Ceramics and other stones is your best choice, especially around the shower door.

But be careful about the finished surfaces, because the more shiny it is, the more chances are that it might get slippery when it is wet.

When looking at the importance of the bathroom, you need to make sure that any changes are suitable for all home users. The installation of a walk in type of shower can prove to be unconventional and dynamic changes in your bathroom. This a unique arrangement for which you need to change your bathing way completely. Therefore, you need to be carefully consider all your lifestyle factors and requirements before embarking on the journey.

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